Thorough Home Inspections

With Your Interests in Mind

As a certified and licensed home inspector, I’ve helped my customers see their future homes more clearly. Call to find out what I can do for you.

Every Inspection Is

Performed by Me

When you hire Good Counsel Home Inspections, you don't play inspector roulette. I am the only inspector and I handle the entire inspection process. I will never outsource your inspection to another inspection company. I only offer services I am licensed and/or certified to perform.

Done With Integrity

My inspections and my reports are only for your benefit. I don't do soft reporting or sugarcoat my findings. I also strive not to make things sound worse than they are. Selling/unselling you the home isn't my job. I guarantee you that you will receive my Honest Opinion 100% of the time.

Done At Your Convenience

It can be hard to get away from your job to attend a full home inspection. That's why I offer home inspection appointments every day of the week with start times as early as 9 AM and as late as 4 PM.

Professionally Reported

I provide you with a neatly organized digital report complete with lots of photos and explanation. This way its easy for you to understand, use your report, and explain to others too.

Reported on as Quickly as Possible

I know you're on a schedule. That's why I guarantee fast turnaround. Your inspection should't hold you up. Digital reporting gets the report to you fast and lets you distribute it quickly as needed.


Services I Provide

Radon Testing

Radon Entry w Symbol_edited.png

Radon is a radioactive gas that is naturally produced within the earth. This can build up inside the home and can increase the risk for lung cancer. According to the EPA,  radon may cause as many as 20,000 deaths each year in the USA. I am a licensed radon tester in New Jersey, and can test your home for radon gas to help you evaluate your risk. These are standard minimum 48 hour tests.

Home Inspections

I perform my home inspections as if I were buying the home myself, but without blinders on. Pretty much everything that makes up the home, is attached permanently to the home, or is permanently installed in the home (for example appliances) is inspected. I take lots of photos and wrap all the information up in a digital report. 

Termite Inspections

Termite Symbol.png

I offer thorough non-destructive visual Termite & WDI inspections. My inspections are performed to the highest standards and always include the NPMA-33 report form typically required by mortgage lenders. Inspections search for termites, carpenter bees, wood destroying beetles, carpenter ants and more. This service is currently offered only with a home inspection.

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What My Clients Are Saying

A. R.

I could not be happier about picking Good Counsel Home Inspection to do the home inspection for the home that I would like to buy. Mr. H. arrived before I did, explained concerns and offered information about home repairs on replacements needed.

Paul P.

John is extremely thorough and excellent at his craft. He was very reasonably priced and by far exceeded all of our expectations. He sent us 143 page report on our home inspection that uncovered some major issued we had to address.

Barbara S.

This is the parent of the buyer. We were very satisfied with the job done by this company. We will certainly use them again since this home did not work for my daughter . My husband and myself are thinking of moving to the area in the near future and we will call upon them again.

Beckett, Clayton, Gibbstown, Glassboro
Mullica Hill, National Park
Newfield, Oak Valley
Paulsboro, Pitman, Richwood, Swedesboro
Turnersville, Victory Lakes, Wenonah, Westville
Williamstown, Woodbury, Woodbury Heights,

Almonesson, Asbury
Aura, Avis Mills
Barnsboro, Bells Lake, Berryland, Billingsport
Blackwood Terrace, Blue Bell, Bridgeport
Broad Lane, Buckingham Village
Cecil, Cedar Grove, Centre City, Clarksboro, Colonial Manor,

Cooper, Cooper Village
Creesville, Cross Keys, Dilkes Mills, Dilkesboro
Downer, Downstown, Elsmere, Ewan, Fairview,

Ferrell, Forest Grove, Franklinville
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Gardenville Center
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Green-Fields, Grenloch Terrace, Harding, Hardingville,

Harrisonville, Hurffville, Iona, Janvier
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Mantua, Mantua Grove
Mickleton, Mount Royal
New Brooklyn, New Sharon
North Woodbury, Nortonville, Ogden
Paradise, Parkers Landing
Parkville, Piney Hollow
Plainville, Porches Mill
Porchtown, Prospect
Prossers Mills, Red Bank, Repaupo
Riverwinds, Robanna
Rulon Road, Salina, Sewell, Sherwood West, South Westville
Star Cross, Sunset Beach, Thorofare, Tomlin, Verga, West End
Westcotville, Westville Grove
White Swan MH Park
Whitman Square
Wolfert, Woodbury Gardens
Wrights Mill


What does a home inspection include?

The home inspection will cover most of the home and parts of the property which may affect it. Items inspected include:

  • Exterior doors & windows
  • Sidiing, wall cladding & flashing
  • Roof including skylights, vents, chimneys etc
  • Gutters & downspouts
  • Porches, patios, decks, balconies & other appurtenances
  • The drainage & grading of the property as it affects the home
  • Retaining walls affecting the home
  • Garages, garage doors & carports
  • The heating system
  • The cooling system
  • Supply plumbing
  • Waste plumbing
  • Permanent plumbing fixtures
  • Sump pumps
  • Water heaters & boilers
  • Electrical distribution
  • GFCI and AFCI circuits
  • Electrical service drop
  • Other permanently attached appliances
  • Home structure including foundation & framing
  • Basements, crawlspaces & attics
  • Floors, walls & ceilings
  • Stairs, ramps, handrails & guards
  • Fireplaces
  • Insulation
  • Ventillation
  • Other visible safety issues
and More. The home inspection comes with a digital report with photos and explanations.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can call me at (856) 553-5444 You can also submit an inquiry using contact forms available on this website, but I will still need to talk to you to finalize details.

How long does the inspection take?

Inspection length varies based on the size of the home and what types of issues are found. The more issues, the longer the inspection takes. Inspections typically last 2 to 4 hours for single family homes and town homes. Condo inspections are usually 1 1/2 hours or less.

Do I have to be at the inspection?

You don't have to be at the inspection, but it is recommended that you attend. You will have to sign an electronic pre-inspection agreement and pay for the inspection electronically prior to the inspection.

What forms of payment do you take?

Personal Check, Cashiers Check, Cash, Credit/Debit Cards

Are you licensed?

Yes I am a licensed home inspector in the State of New Jersey. You can check my license number at the New Jersey State License Verification Site My Home Inspector License # 24GI00143100 For PA, I am a member of a professional organization of home inspectors and have completed over 100 paid home inspections as required by the State of Pennsylvania. There is no license for home inspectors in Pennsylvania.

What is radon gas?

Radon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas. It forms naturally from the decay of other radioactive elements, such as uranium, deep in the ground. Radon can move out of the ground into the home where it can be trapped. Radon gas has been linked to increased rates of lung cancer. Radont can be tested for.

Do you go on the Roof? in the Attic? in Crawl Spaces?

I go on most roofs, in most attics, and most crawl spaces. If there are hazards, I will do my best to inspect these areas but I may not be able to walk all roofs or enter all crawl spaces/attics.

Who will be doing the inspection?

I will be, John Hare. I am the only inspector

What is your service area?

I provide home inspections, termite &wdi inspections, and radon testing in the following counties in NJ: Salem, Gloucester, Burlington, Camden, Cumberland, Atlantic I provide home inspections only in the following counties in PA; Delaware & Philadelphia

What kind of tools do you use?

  • 4' Level
  • 2' Level
  • Plumb Bob
  • Tape Measures
  • Ladders
  • Microwave Tester
  • Screw Drivers
  • Impact Driver
  • Combustible Gas Detector
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Carbon Dioxide Detector
  • Non-contact Voltage Tester
  • Multi-meter
  • Receptacle Testers
  • Flashlights
  • Contact Thermometer
  • Infrared Thermometer
and More

Do you do repair inspections?

I do Not perfom inspections of repairs. Further investigation of issues should be done by appropriate contractors, tradespersons, or professionals. Repairs should be made by appropriate contractors and/or qualified and licensed tradespersons under permits when appropriate.

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Good Counsel Home Inspections serves South Jersey - Burlington County, Camden County, Gloucester County, Salem County, Cumberland County, Cape May County, Atlantic County, and parts of Ocean County.
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